What We Do

JACE facilitates the purchases of new and used vehicles for individuals who do not want to or do not have the time to get involved with the process of buying a vehicle.

Think of us as your personal shopper for vehicles.

How it Works

JACE works with you to determine the vehicle you want, your budget and what financing is best for you. Then JACE shops the market for the best models and deals. JACE will then report the various options that will meet your criteria and assist you in focusing on just the right vehicle for you. If needed, we will arrange a test drive to confirm your decision. Once a purchase is made we can even arrange to trade in your old vehicle and deliver the new one.

JACE’s primary area of business is the greater Edmonton area; however, we can assist customers anywhere in Alberta.

JACE is licensed by the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) to sell new and used vehicles.

"Just wanted to say a big "thank you" for finding the van for us early last month, after several futile efforts. We've just returned home having driven nearly 10,000 km in it - all smooth and trouble-free, as of course we'd hoped. But it behaved perfectly, kept us comfortable, had plenty of room for luggage including camping gear and paddling equipment, and performed slightly better than the old van in terms of fuel consumption. And doing the oil change yesterday was a breeze!"
- John Woollard, Edmonton